Our Mission

At Bump Life Studios, our priority is to provide our mothers with a complete experience unlike any other from the moment they enter our studio to the moment they leave! 

We want to provide new and seasoned mothers the opportunity to see their baby via ultrasound with our state of the art technology and the most current software available on the market.

Promote women's wellness by offering prenatal and signature massages with our LICENSED massage therapist .

Educate and encourage moms and dads to vocalize and understand their options for labor and delivery.

Help mothers, fathers, grandparents, family and friends connect with their baby while still in the womb.   We want to help make your experience unforgettable that you are counting down the days until the next appointment!

Why Bump Life Studios


Our Facility

  • We are conveniently located inside the Madison Medical Plaza. Our facility is professionally designed and inspired and provides a warm and relaxing atmosphere to set the tone for your experience.


The Ultrasound & Massage Experience

  • Experience your ultrasound on our soft bed adorned with pillows for comfort and plenty of support.
  • Enjoy viewing your ultrasound experience on our 50 inch flat screen.
  • Comfortable seating available for your guests.


Digital Image Software

  • All images and clips can be accessed via email within an hour of leaving your appointment.
  • Download the images from the email to your device and upload to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Easier than ever to share the images and clips captured by simply forwarding your exclusive link and code to family and friends.